Friday, 1 August 2008


The Minstry of Justice established an International Rogatory Comission last May.
The goal of the Commission is to travel to India in order to carry out an investigation. To do it the Comission
needs to obtain the agreement of Indian authorities. The agreement has not been issued yet.
With a view to showing the interest of French authorities in this ivestigation to Indian authorities we have been advised
to launch a petition that will be submited to Indian authorities dans as soon as possible.
We would appreciate that you participate in the petition and that you invite all your friends and family.
This simple gesture will mean a lot with regards to accelerate the operation of research of Jean-Baptiste.

Click here to sign the petition online:

You can also download a pdf version of the petition:

First anniversary of Jean-Baptiste's departure: new media response

Following the appearance of the information on the anniversary of Jean-Baptiste's departure (cf under "18 juillet 2008") (cf link to this "Missing Person Poster") on the bike trip around the world two media contacted Talleu family and continued to broadcast the information sur les ondes radiophoniques et dans la Presse.
A TV broadcast is being prepared.

- Bleue Sud Lorraine radio: Saturday, 19 July, a journalist carried out an interview with Marie-Claire Talleu, the mother of Jean-Baptiste, and Elisabeth Schlosser de Ruffray, treasurer of the AJB association (cf link). He mentioned the up to date investigation progress that followed complaint against X for abduction lodged by the parents of Jean-Baptiste. He presented the AJB association set up recently (JO du 31/05/08) (cf link).
This interview was broadcasted on the Radio Bleue Sud Lorraine, as well as on France Info on Monday, 21 July.
- Christian family: thanks to the France Info's broadcast, a listener contacted a journalist of this newspaper. The journalist contacted the Talleu family. An article was published in it, in the saturday 2nd of august edition.