Saturday, 13 December 2008

Birthday of Jean-Baptiste Talleu

On the 11th of December, Jean-Baptiste is know 27years old. Let us think about him on this particular time. It has now been more than a year he's gone missing. His parents, still in Pondicherry, are doing anything in their power to find him.

NICOLETTA godmother of the AJB

Jean-Philippe GURECKI, mayor of Villers, confirmed Nicoletta (famous french singer) accepts to be the godmother of the AJB(Association "Alert disapearance of Jean-Baptiste Talleu)
In her current tour, Nicoletta will stop by Nancy, which gave Jean-Philippe Gurecki the idea to
associate her to our actions towards finding Jean-Baptiste.
Nicoletta is very happy to be able to take part.
She's going to do whatever possible to help us, among other things, sending a mail to the Indian embassador.
She intends to talk about the disapearance of JB after her concerts.

Thanks to Villers's mayor, and Nicoletta now, we are starting to be known to very important people...
Thanks again for each one of these precious involvements.

Follow-up of the Petition - Indian Embassy

Sophie Sebirot-Nossoff, Villers-les-Nancy's deputy mayor tells us, concerning the handing over of the petition to the Indian embassador in Paris:
"I called the Indian embassy to take an appointement with the embassador to give him the petition.
Unfortunately there are no way we can meet him before the 12th January at 11.30am.
Pascal Jacquemin, mayor of Villers, agrees to accompany the representatives of the association to Paris on the 12th of January.

We are also trying to contact a Meurthe-et-Moselle deputy (member of parliament) to go there with them.

Thanks to the mayor of Villers and all his team who are working very hard to help the family of Jean-Baptiste.
You can still sign, and make others sign the petition until begining of January.

Thanks everybody for their support.

Click here to access the petition and sign online:
version you can print and sign or online version

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Press Conference invitation


Pondicherry 4th December 2008


The parents of Mr Jean-Baptiste Talleu, desire meeting the press to talk about their son who was travelling through India in a bicycle and went missing on the 5th of December 2007.

He has since been noticed in Varkala, (Kerala) and in Pondicherry.

A press conference has been organised at the Press Club of Pondicherry at 11.00 a.m on Friday the 5th of December. They will provide detailed information and materials such as photos of the missing son to the press on this occasion.

Therefore the reporters of the press and visual media are requested to be present on the occasion.