Thursday, 29 May 2008


From 2nd to 13th of may, the family of Jean-Baptiste met the local authorities in Mumbai and held a press conference.
They also announced a reward of 2 Lakhs for any information leading to the finding of Jean-Baptiste Talleu.
10 000 Posters were printed. See Missing posters, flyers

The posting and distribution of these posters is in progress, but we still need help to spread the posters throughout the all of India.

On the 23rd of may, hearing with the juge in charge of the case: sum up of the trop in India.
An Internation rogatory commission was delivered on the 16th of May.

We are waiting for the agreement of the Indian authorities to send a brigade.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Press conference in Mumbai

Jean-Baptiste Talleu's Family is giving a press conference in Mumbai on Friday 09th of May at 11.30am.
They will announce that a Reward of 2 Lakhs is offered for information leading to the finding of Jean-Baptiste Talleu.
They will also appeal to all the people of India to help them in the finding of Jean-Baptiste.

The press conference will be held in:
Alliance Francaise (French Alliance)
Theosophy Hall
40 New Marine Lines
at 11.30 in the morning of the 09th of May.

To contact Jean-Baptiste's mother (Marie-Claire) or his brother (Vincent), call this number:
  • 9819875945 from Mumbai
  • 09819875945 from anywhere in India
  • 009109819875945 from anywhere in the world

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Jean-Baptiste's family in Mumbai

Jean-Baptiste's mother, his brother with his fiancée arrived in Mumbai the 2nd of may.
A friend was waiting for them at the airport to take them to their hotel, with a stop at the airport police station where the complaint was put in march.
The day after they will meet the concerned autorities (missing person bureau, cybercell crime branch) and the 2 people they mandated in march.
They discover the faces of all these friends they never met before, and how much their help has been precious.