Sunday, 12 December 2010


Dear friends,

On the 5th of december it will be the third anniversary of the disappearance of our son Jean Baptiste. First of all, Pierre and I would like to express our deep gratitude for all your support, whether material or spiritual.

Over these three years, we went three times in India: fifteen days in May 2008 with Vincent, our sixth child and Patricia his fiancée; four months in the winter 2008-2009, then three months in the winter 2009-2010 (which included one month with Jean Baptiste’s twin: Catherine).

We had contact with indian police and media, consulate authorities and press conferences. We did enquiries and went to the places where witnesses believed to have seen Jean Baptiste but all in vain. Often it was really difficult but this has allowed us also to discover India, and to be moved by this country.

During these trips, we have come close to an orphanage in Pondicherry and we are now sponsoring a little girl called Kaveri. We have met beautiful Indian people. They helped and supported us a lot. Many became friends.

We don’ forget that all these journeys have been possible thanks to all your help and we are very grateful. During these difficult years, you have supported us materially, spiritually, and encouraged us to keep our faith. We thank you from the core of our heart.

Now that the anniversary is coming soon, all our thoughts are with Jean Baptiste and we would like to do something.

During the year of 2010, a mess has been celebrated in the memory of Jean Baptiste every saturday morning in the church Notre dame des anges of Pondicherry. We will do the same for 2011.

Again we asked the Embassy to make a search in the media around the fifth of december.

Because we will not be in India this year for this sad anniversary, we have decided to start at home a three week retreat: to fast and pray, from the 15th of november to the fifth of december, in order to feel our union through the heart with Jean Baptiste, and ask God for a sign.

Three years, three weeks, this number three, like the three days of search of Marie and Joseph unto the temple of Jerusalem where Jesus is finally found after three terrible days of anxiety for his parents, three days mysteriously was the will of god.

We have all lost dear ones, it is part of life. But it is not knowing what happened to Jean Baptiste that is really painful for us.

We pray for all the families who are in pain, and for all the people who disappeared and who were sometimes violently taken away from their families. We pray for all the people who have been ill treated, abused and confined. They are many of them in this world.

And we thank you particularly to support us during these three weeks by your affection, prayers or accepting to come and fast one day with us.

We will end this retreat by a mess for Jean Baptiste in the chapel Jean Paul II under the basilic Notre Dame de Lourdes, on saturday 11th of december at 16.30h.

It is the priest Sayed Marroun, a lebanese father who knew Jean Baptiste well who will celebrate this mess. It will be a special celebration for Jean Baptiste, on the day of his 29th birthday. You are all welcome to come and pray with us and unite our hearts together.

With all our affection,

Thank you,

Marie-Claire and Pierre Marie Talleu, in Villers les Nancy, on the 14 novembre 2010.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Press Release


February 12th 2010

French cyclist on world tour missing in India : What does the Indian Police do ?

Parents of Jean-Baptiste TALLEU, the young cyclist who disappeared in India since December 2007 are currently in DELHI. It is the last stop of their trip that took them to MUMBAI, AMEDHABAD, PONDICHERY, and GOA. It is the 3rd time they come to India looking for their son.

With no serious leads, and little resources, parents of Jean-Baptiste are trying to exchange information with the Indian authorities and local people to increase the awareness of this painful and alarming disappearance. They have 7 children.

Jean-Baptiste, a keen cyclist on a world tour, mysteriously disappeared in December 2007 when he set foot in India. He has never been heard of since his arrival.

The Indian police who has been referred in the beginning of 2008, does not seem to actively take part into the effort to shed some light on the case and to find this young man who was 26 yrs old when he went missing.

French police officers were sent by Rogatory commission from Nancy (France) to Mumbai in November 2009 to evaluate the situation with the Indian police. Despite what they were promised, the French police still haven’t been given the Indian case file that would help them find out the nature of the investigation that has been carried out by the Indian police.

Jean-Baptiste’s parents are very disappointed in view of the inactivity and obvious lack of motivation when it comes to finding the truth; they don’t feel like everything is done to help find their son. On their journey the parents of Jean-Baptiste often realized that the missing posters, when they exist, are kept in files or drawers, allowing very few policemen in India to be aware of the matter.

Keeping through thick and thin the hope to find their son alive, or at least to find out what has happened to him, they deeply thank the media for conveying their feelings and thus contributing in this case not getting closed. Contacts:

-French Embassy in New Delhi : Tel: 011 6118790

-Missing person bureau in Mumbai : ………022 2262 1549

-French consulate in Mumbai : …098 2032 1452

-For further information visit the website

-Contact in India : Hotel Rak International, Paharganj, main bazaar, where parents are staying.

-Tel Mr. & Mrs Talleu : India Phone Number - 00919600515513 till 20 February 2010

- France phone Numbers - 0033383406584 and Mobile 0033622078234

- email address -