Monday, 27 October 2008

The Villers-les-Nancy Town Hall assisting the family of Jean-Baptiste Talleu

Mr Pascal JACQUEMIN, mayor of Villers-les-Nancy, having received the parents of Jean-Baptiste on the 19th of September 2008, immediately alerted the elected officials of county "Meurthe et Moselle", who then took the Talleu's case to the highest national authorities and India representatives: the President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, the Prime Minister Francois Fillon, the Foreign Minister, the President of the group Friendship with India group at the National Assembly, the Ambassador of India in France and the Ambassador of France in New Delhi.

The parents want to thank in particular Mr Pascal JACQUEMIN, mayor of Villers-les-Nancy, Mr André ROSSINOT, mayor of Nancy and former Minister, Mr Michel DINET, President of the local county council, as well as the MPs of Meurthe et Moselle for conveying the fears and hopes of Jean-Baptiste’s family very well.

The Public Relations Department of the Nancy Town Hall has created and printed posters and flyers in French, English and Hindi, to help the family publicize the disappearance of their son Jean-Baptiste, in France as well as in India, where his parents will be going in November.

The solidarity of these elected representatives brings great and much-needed comfort to the family in this very difficult time.

Inquiry Status Report

No sign in India of the International Letter Rogatory (formal letter sent from one country’s court to another to ask for assistance) sent last May by the presiding French judge. 

Four long months of waiting… for nothing. Four month lost. 

Confirmation by the French Justice Department: A new International Letter Rogatory was sent to the Indian authorities, on 12th of September, 2008 via diplomatic channels. 

On the 21st of October, we learnt it had been received by the Indin authorities, and will be transferred to the Indian Home Office  after translation . 
The Talleu family will soon return to India to further their search for their son and they are hopeful that by this time a French police investigation team will be on the ground in India .

OMEGA TV: TV report

Don’t miss this beautiful TV report produced by Oméga-TV, on the France-India stall at Aubervilliers (See previous article concerning this stall):


We wish to thank this channel who generously broadcasted this report about the disappearance of Jean-Baptiste.

Solidarity: Indians of the Seine-Saint Denis region near Paris take part in the search for Jean-Baptiste

LE PARISIEN – Edition subscribers Seine-Saint-Denis – Marjorie Corcier 06.10.2008, 7am :

At the Aubervilliers market place yesterday afternoon, the France-India celebration was underway and dancers were wiggling their hips to the rhythm of India pop music. Next to this scene, stalls proposed food tasting, jasmine necklaces, films and Indian music.

The France-India association, located in La Courneuve, who  have organised this gathering for the last 5 years decided to take the opportunity of this celebration to alert people of the disappearance of a 26 year old French man in India.

Missing in Mumbai while cycling around the world by bicycle.

Jean-Baptiste Talleu, from Nancy, has not been heard from since the 5th of December 2007 in Mumbai, whilst cycling round the world. Moved by the ongoing fight of his family, Farouk Amirdine, the founder of the France-India association suggested to Marie-Claire, mother of Jean-Baptiste, to hold a stall at Aubervilliers to increase public awareness. “It’s important to feel supported and I think that at our level we can also help” said Farouk.

Marie-Claire Talleu may have not recovered any clues, but she at least found here a bit of comfort. “When Farouk called me, I was very touched. Here, I could meet many Indians who told me they saw the missing person posters we put in India, it made me very happy” smiled the mother, showing a blue poster translated in English and Hindi with the picture of Jean-Baptiste. “A woman who supports India children and who goes there often suggested to me she could spread the information. Furthermore, an Indian woman also explained how she lost her daughter before finding her in a hospital. She assured me that Jean-Baptiste will reappear.” Tells the mother with hope. Through the afternoon, people intending to go to India offered to distribute posters, while a few elected representatives of Seine-Saint-Denis, from both parties, committed to support Marie-Claire in her difficult search.

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Press release

To the attention of the media:

Following the disappearance of Jean-Baptiste Talleu in India on the 5th of December 2007, the examining magistrate of Nancy in charge of the case sent an international rogatory letter last May. Its execution would allow the French police to go to India to investigate, but agreement from the India authorities has not yet been received.

To show the French and India authorities the French people’s interest  in this investigation, we are starting a petition, which will be sent as soon as the results appear.

We therefore wish to thank, in advance, the French media  for broadcasting this petition. The police has been waiting since May to receive the green light to go to India and with your help we hope that the investigation will be able to start soon. 

Even though Jean-Baptiste Talleu went missing 10 months ago, no official investigation has begun! This lack of action has been unbearable for the family, and they hope that the French authorities understand the urgency of the situation . A French citizen has disappeared in India; it is unthinkable that the French government is not trying harder to get an answer from the Indian government.

For the association ajb “Alerte Disparition de Jean-Baptiste TALLEU”:

Association President:  Dr Catherine de Korwin,

Treasurer: Elisabeth Schlosser: 0623093496

Talleu family Lawyer: Mr Moser: 0675877942, who accepts to be contacted for more information about this rogatory commission.