Monday, 2 February 2009

Missionary hospice close to New Delhi : a new lead to find Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Batiste could have been seen in a Mother Teresa missionary hospice in New Delhi by a young man who visited the place volunteering. The french cyclist from the hospice had been robbed from his belongings and documents after an accident. The cyclist couldn't communicate with people as he appeared to have lost his mind.
Not long after, the young man saw "the missing JB advert" and recognized Jean-Baptiste, even though the cyclist from the hospice had his head shaved and a scar on his jaw. The young man informed us that he contacted Mumbai police, but he had impression of not being taken seriously. He then called in France but haven't succeeded because of language barrier.

One evening Pierre, the father of JB - who always wears a T-shirt with the picture of Jean-Baptiste - was approached by the same young man. He was informed of Mother Teresa hospice and possible lead.

We sent an email straight away to the embassy, who checked the lead the following day.
The witness couldn't remember the exact address therefore 7 Mother Teresa hospices were checked. The information couldn't have been confirmed in any of them.

We changed our plans (printing more posters) and we decided to leave Varkala and go up North, while visiting few ashrams. We should be in Mumbai around 15th February.
This new lead gave us so much hope we were ready to jump on the first plane to New Delhi.

Unfortunately, the witness is not able to remember the exact address. He is trying to contact his friend who visited the hospice with him to find out the addresse. The young man says he will be ready to come to New Delhi with us if his work allows him to.
He is not interested by the reward and his lifestyle allows us to believe this.

We are trying to be more patient, but it is difficult. We can't accept that this person may not be saying the truth. Our decission is taken, we will go to New Delhi in the middle of next week after visiting Amma's ashram at Amritapuri. We want Amma to know about Jean-Baptiste disparition.

We really hope we will be able to give good news soon.