Saturday, 13 December 2008

Birthday of Jean-Baptiste Talleu

On the 11th of December, Jean-Baptiste is know 27years old. Let us think about him on this particular time. It has now been more than a year he's gone missing. His parents, still in Pondicherry, are doing anything in their power to find him.

NICOLETTA godmother of the AJB

Jean-Philippe GURECKI, mayor of Villers, confirmed Nicoletta (famous french singer) accepts to be the godmother of the AJB(Association "Alert disapearance of Jean-Baptiste Talleu)
In her current tour, Nicoletta will stop by Nancy, which gave Jean-Philippe Gurecki the idea to
associate her to our actions towards finding Jean-Baptiste.
Nicoletta is very happy to be able to take part.
She's going to do whatever possible to help us, among other things, sending a mail to the Indian embassador.
She intends to talk about the disapearance of JB after her concerts.

Thanks to Villers's mayor, and Nicoletta now, we are starting to be known to very important people...
Thanks again for each one of these precious involvements.

Follow-up of the Petition - Indian Embassy

Sophie Sebirot-Nossoff, Villers-les-Nancy's deputy mayor tells us, concerning the handing over of the petition to the Indian embassador in Paris:
"I called the Indian embassy to take an appointement with the embassador to give him the petition.
Unfortunately there are no way we can meet him before the 12th January at 11.30am.
Pascal Jacquemin, mayor of Villers, agrees to accompany the representatives of the association to Paris on the 12th of January.

We are also trying to contact a Meurthe-et-Moselle deputy (member of parliament) to go there with them.

Thanks to the mayor of Villers and all his team who are working very hard to help the family of Jean-Baptiste.
You can still sign, and make others sign the petition until begining of January.

Thanks everybody for their support.

Click here to access the petition and sign online:
version you can print and sign or online version

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Press Conference invitation


Pondicherry 4th December 2008


The parents of Mr Jean-Baptiste Talleu, desire meeting the press to talk about their son who was travelling through India in a bicycle and went missing on the 5th of December 2007.

He has since been noticed in Varkala, (Kerala) and in Pondicherry.

A press conference has been organised at the Press Club of Pondicherry at 11.00 a.m on Friday the 5th of December. They will provide detailed information and materials such as photos of the missing son to the press on this occasion.

Therefore the reporters of the press and visual media are requested to be present on the occasion.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Attacks in India

Many of you are worried to know Pierre and Marie-Claire Talleu in India, considering the serious attacks in Mumbai.
We dit not hear from them, but they are very far from Mumbai and these events.
As soon as we can, we will  reassure you completely.
Thank you very much for your worries and signs of friendship you gave.
Elisabeth de Ruffray.
Treasurer of the association "AJB"

Edit: We finally got in touch with Marie-Claire and Pierre, they are fine, they did not even hear from the events in Mumbai. The Monsoon is very strong and does not allow them to do much but they are doing well. They should be staying in Pondichery until the end of December.

The research program established while visiting the consul

On our meeting with the Consul, we established our program of research:
-English classes at the Alliance francaise,
-Contact with the police,
-help for media coverage,
-T-shirts with the head of Jean-Baptiste (idea of the press attaché)
-local TV and newspapers,
-press conference as soon as our english will be better.
Also to her (the Consul): a great thank you for the precious help, which allowed us not to scatter our actions, and thus saving us a lot of time.

The french TV News report: presented by Marie-Claire through her journal

(See the post from 20th November : "Parents of Jean-Baptiste in Pondichery)

Lise and Julie, two journalists from TF1 (french TV channel), arrived from Delhi the day before our arrival to cover for 2 days our arrival in India.

Friday 14th of November
They start by interviewing Sister Therese.
They then find us a tanslator, after our misfortune at the Alliance Francaise.
They follow us to the Radj Lodge inn, where a witness saw a cyclist resembling Jean-Baptiste. Unfortunately, checking the registers (already done by the consulate) does not lead anywhere: no sign of JB's name.
The innkeeper does not remember any cyclist.
We all go (taxi driver, translator, journalists, and us) have lunch in front of the see to rest and recover from the stress.

Saturday 15th of November
We meet, the morning after, to put up posters. The rickshaw drivers spontaneously ask to put posters on their rickshaws. Their kindness is very heart-warming.

10am: meeting with the consul, who accepted to meet us, even though it was saturday. We evaluate what could be done to help us.

Around 11am, last shot, on the beach, feeling very much down...

We leave the two journalists at the beach coffee shop, they tell us, before leaving about our luck to have such faith, which helps us very much to go through this ordeal. They go back to New Delhi with the first plane. We thank them with all our hearts: their help and the impulse they gave us were very substancial. They were also very nice to us.

Sister Therese

Sœur Thérèse fait partie de la Congrégation des Sœurs de St-Joseph de Cluny.
The Cluny Embroidery Center, give work to about forty indian woman with fair wages. The embroidery, of good quality, is famous.
She also welcomes, occasionally, old priests, tired or sick, children, disabled people... and ourselves, we are very welcome in this haven of peace, close to the sea side, the french Alliance and Consulate.
Back from a walk, Sister Therese told us it's been many years she doesn't have time, sunday evenings, to stroll alongside the sea. Today for example, she went to visit one of her protégé at the hospital, such a devotion! She is lively and petite, always on the go. She made me think, from the second I saw her, to Sister Emmanuelle
A l’occasion d’un retour de promenade, Sœur Thérèse nous dit qu’elle n’a plus le temps, depuis des années, d’aller, le dimanche soir, flâner le long de la mer. Aujourd’hui par exemple, elle est allée visiter une de ses malades hospitalisée… Le dévouement ! Elle est vive et menue, toujours active. Elle me fait penser, depuis la seconde où je l’ai vue, à sœur Emmanuelle. (A famous french sister)
(extracted from Marie-Claire's journal)

12 hours on the plane

Here are the first news sent by Marie-Claire herself :

12hours on the plane - Thursday 13th of November - Friday 14th of November
11 h
 : plane takes of from the french airport "Charles de Gaule".
19h30 - 20h30 : stop over at BAHREIN. We find the time to change 20€ at the airport before meeting Vincent Billot and Jerome, from "Point Coeur" at 5am.
Pierre barely sleeps through the trip.
23pm (Paris time) / 3.30am local time : arrival at CHENNAIS.

Finally, after 2 and half hours of travel by car, we arrive at PONDICHERY, at sister Therese's place, who offers us a breakfast as a warm welcome, there is french baguette, which seems to very much please Vincent Billot.
It is here we will be staying, in a cute colonial house the congregation of the Sisters of St-Joseph of Cluny inherited 150years ago. It now belongs to Sister Therese. We have a very large a beautiful room.

Express your solidarity with Jean-Baptiste's familly

You can find the petition to sign (version you can print and sign or online version), you can also subscribe to the Facebook group: "soutien a la famille talleu"

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Parents of Jean-Baptiste in Pondichery

It has now been more than a week that Jean-Baptiste's parents are in India. They are staying in Pondichery in a religious community. The French TV followed them for the first few days to keep French people aware of the case

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Jean-Baptiste's parents departure for India

Jean-Baptiste parents will go to India Thursday the 13th of November. They will arrive in Pondichery on the morning of the 14th and will be welcome at the airport by leaders of a community then received by the consulate authorities. The lead of Jean-Baptiste stops in MUMBAI, but following the broadcasting of his disappearance, they got two serious testimonies:


One in Pondichery, the other one in Kerala (south west India); they wish to verify these leads themselves and spread his missing posters in the areas.


For the reminder, Jean-Baptiste does not use his bank cards  and does not go on the internet since he went missing in Mumbai on the 5th of December 2007. To this day no material clue was found and the French police is still waiting for the agreement of India authorities to come investigate in joint effort.


Please continue to send and sign the petition.


Association of support AJB: Alert Disappearance of Jean-Baptiste Talleu

Monday, 27 October 2008

The Villers-les-Nancy Town Hall assisting the family of Jean-Baptiste Talleu

Mr Pascal JACQUEMIN, mayor of Villers-les-Nancy, having received the parents of Jean-Baptiste on the 19th of September 2008, immediately alerted the elected officials of county "Meurthe et Moselle", who then took the Talleu's case to the highest national authorities and India representatives: the President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, the Prime Minister Francois Fillon, the Foreign Minister, the President of the group Friendship with India group at the National Assembly, the Ambassador of India in France and the Ambassador of France in New Delhi.

The parents want to thank in particular Mr Pascal JACQUEMIN, mayor of Villers-les-Nancy, Mr André ROSSINOT, mayor of Nancy and former Minister, Mr Michel DINET, President of the local county council, as well as the MPs of Meurthe et Moselle for conveying the fears and hopes of Jean-Baptiste’s family very well.

The Public Relations Department of the Nancy Town Hall has created and printed posters and flyers in French, English and Hindi, to help the family publicize the disappearance of their son Jean-Baptiste, in France as well as in India, where his parents will be going in November.

The solidarity of these elected representatives brings great and much-needed comfort to the family in this very difficult time.

Inquiry Status Report

No sign in India of the International Letter Rogatory (formal letter sent from one country’s court to another to ask for assistance) sent last May by the presiding French judge. 

Four long months of waiting… for nothing. Four month lost. 

Confirmation by the French Justice Department: A new International Letter Rogatory was sent to the Indian authorities, on 12th of September, 2008 via diplomatic channels. 

On the 21st of October, we learnt it had been received by the Indin authorities, and will be transferred to the Indian Home Office  after translation . 
The Talleu family will soon return to India to further their search for their son and they are hopeful that by this time a French police investigation team will be on the ground in India .

OMEGA TV: TV report

Don’t miss this beautiful TV report produced by Oméga-TV, on the France-India stall at Aubervilliers (See previous article concerning this stall):


We wish to thank this channel who generously broadcasted this report about the disappearance of Jean-Baptiste.

Solidarity: Indians of the Seine-Saint Denis region near Paris take part in the search for Jean-Baptiste

LE PARISIEN – Edition subscribers Seine-Saint-Denis – Marjorie Corcier 06.10.2008, 7am :

At the Aubervilliers market place yesterday afternoon, the France-India celebration was underway and dancers were wiggling their hips to the rhythm of India pop music. Next to this scene, stalls proposed food tasting, jasmine necklaces, films and Indian music.

The France-India association, located in La Courneuve, who  have organised this gathering for the last 5 years decided to take the opportunity of this celebration to alert people of the disappearance of a 26 year old French man in India.

Missing in Mumbai while cycling around the world by bicycle.

Jean-Baptiste Talleu, from Nancy, has not been heard from since the 5th of December 2007 in Mumbai, whilst cycling round the world. Moved by the ongoing fight of his family, Farouk Amirdine, the founder of the France-India association suggested to Marie-Claire, mother of Jean-Baptiste, to hold a stall at Aubervilliers to increase public awareness. “It’s important to feel supported and I think that at our level we can also help” said Farouk.

Marie-Claire Talleu may have not recovered any clues, but she at least found here a bit of comfort. “When Farouk called me, I was very touched. Here, I could meet many Indians who told me they saw the missing person posters we put in India, it made me very happy” smiled the mother, showing a blue poster translated in English and Hindi with the picture of Jean-Baptiste. “A woman who supports India children and who goes there often suggested to me she could spread the information. Furthermore, an Indian woman also explained how she lost her daughter before finding her in a hospital. She assured me that Jean-Baptiste will reappear.” Tells the mother with hope. Through the afternoon, people intending to go to India offered to distribute posters, while a few elected representatives of Seine-Saint-Denis, from both parties, committed to support Marie-Claire in her difficult search.

On the Internet:

Le Parisien:

Press release

To the attention of the media:

Following the disappearance of Jean-Baptiste Talleu in India on the 5th of December 2007, the examining magistrate of Nancy in charge of the case sent an international rogatory letter last May. Its execution would allow the French police to go to India to investigate, but agreement from the India authorities has not yet been received.

To show the French and India authorities the French people’s interest  in this investigation, we are starting a petition, which will be sent as soon as the results appear.

We therefore wish to thank, in advance, the French media  for broadcasting this petition. The police has been waiting since May to receive the green light to go to India and with your help we hope that the investigation will be able to start soon. 

Even though Jean-Baptiste Talleu went missing 10 months ago, no official investigation has begun! This lack of action has been unbearable for the family, and they hope that the French authorities understand the urgency of the situation . A French citizen has disappeared in India; it is unthinkable that the French government is not trying harder to get an answer from the Indian government.

For the association ajb “Alerte Disparition de Jean-Baptiste TALLEU”:

Association President:  Dr Catherine de Korwin,

Treasurer: Elisabeth Schlosser: 0623093496

Talleu family Lawyer: Mr Moser: 0675877942, who accepts to be contacted for more information about this rogatory commission.


Friday, 1 August 2008


The Minstry of Justice established an International Rogatory Comission last May.
The goal of the Commission is to travel to India in order to carry out an investigation. To do it the Comission
needs to obtain the agreement of Indian authorities. The agreement has not been issued yet.
With a view to showing the interest of French authorities in this ivestigation to Indian authorities we have been advised
to launch a petition that will be submited to Indian authorities dans as soon as possible.
We would appreciate that you participate in the petition and that you invite all your friends and family.
This simple gesture will mean a lot with regards to accelerate the operation of research of Jean-Baptiste.

Click here to sign the petition online:

You can also download a pdf version of the petition:

First anniversary of Jean-Baptiste's departure: new media response

Following the appearance of the information on the anniversary of Jean-Baptiste's departure (cf under "18 juillet 2008") (cf link to this "Missing Person Poster") on the bike trip around the world two media contacted Talleu family and continued to broadcast the information sur les ondes radiophoniques et dans la Presse.
A TV broadcast is being prepared.

- Bleue Sud Lorraine radio: Saturday, 19 July, a journalist carried out an interview with Marie-Claire Talleu, the mother of Jean-Baptiste, and Elisabeth Schlosser de Ruffray, treasurer of the AJB association (cf link). He mentioned the up to date investigation progress that followed complaint against X for abduction lodged by the parents of Jean-Baptiste. He presented the AJB association set up recently (JO du 31/05/08) (cf link).
This interview was broadcasted on the Radio Bleue Sud Lorraine, as well as on France Info on Monday, 21 July.
- Christian family: thanks to the France Info's broadcast, a listener contacted a journalist of this newspaper. The journalist contacted the Talleu family. An article was published in it, in the saturday 2nd of august edition.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

18th of July: First anniversary of Jean-Baptiste's departure from France

One year ago, on the 18th of July 2007, enthusiastically, Jean-Baptiste was mounting his bicycle for a trip around the world he'd been dreaming for 2 years.
After giving regular update on his trip which he was finding physically easy and packed with discoveries, the silence was established from the 5th of December 2008.
This Silence is worrying his family and his friends.
No sign of life, not any leads of of Jean-Baptiste, nowhere.

"We are afraid that everybody would forget, that years would come by and that we would stay alone with our pain and our incertitude.
Waiting is unbearable. The French police has to go there, the judge sent an International Rogatory Commission, but the Indian authorities are yet to give their go ahead."
Are saying his parents on this anniversary date.

Thank you for the attention you'll put on this appeal.
It is up to everyone to continue this chain of hope... thanks to Internet and your address books.

Dr Catherine de Korwin,
President of the association AJB.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Media related Campains

Many media contacts allowed us to make Jean-Baptiste's disappearance well known and to increase public awareness:

WRITTEN PRESS: (in France)
- Le Républicain Lorrain 12.3.08 : Routard nancéien disparu en Inde : une inquiétante disparition
- L’Est Républicain 12.3.08 : Un Lorrain porté disparu en Inde
- Le Figaro 12.3.08 : Un cyclotouriste français porté disparu à BOMBAY
- Aujourd’hui en France 14.3.08 : La trace du cyclotouriste français se perd en Inde
- France dimanche 28.3.08 : Jean Baptiste disparu à vélo
- L’Est Républicain 29.4.08 : Disparition en Inde : un juge d’instruction nommé à Nancy
- Nice Matin : 31.5.08 : Parti de La Colle, disparu en Inde
- 23/06/08 : Nancy : audition des parents du jeune français disparu en Inde.

- 11th may : France 2 : 20h15
- 23rd y : France 3 : 19h
- May : La six : le 6’
Emission TV :
24 mai France 2 : FAITS DIVERS : le Mag. (émission de 10 mn).

Emissions RADIO:
- RTL 11.3.08
- SUD RADIO 14.3.08
Numbers of articles in the Indian press:
Mumbai mirror, The Times of India, DNA Mumbai, Star news, etc…

Creation of the association "Alerte Disparition de Jean-Baptiste Talleu" (AJB)

The association AJB was created by friends of Jean-Baptiste to support his family and help find him.

Published in the JO, the 31st of may 2008, with the n°1234.


-Collect funds to help the family in the research of Jean Baptiste TALLEU;
-Increase public, officials, and administration's awareness of the case, to help find Jean Baptiste TALLEU;
-Increase awareness of the risks taken when travelling in foreign countries;
-Gather other families having a relative missing in India;

Gather funds for:
-Financing the first wave of information;
-Financing the trip of Marie-Claire, his mother, and Vincent, his brother, and Patricia, his brother's partner. This trip, very fruitful, was made possible from 1st may to 12th may.

-Information campaign around the first anniversary of Jean-Baptiste's departure, on the 18th of july 2007.
-Sensitize all the Christians of France.

-After the go-ahead of the Indian authorities, departure of a French team of policemen in Mumbai, after the sending in India of the International Rogatory Commission by the judge on the 16th may 2008. Still no news at the moment.
-Finance a long term trip for Marie-Claire in India. Her departure is planned in september or Ocotber; everything depending on the results of the Internation Rogatory Commission.
-Support the media-related campaigns in France as well as in India for Jean-Baptiste not to fall into oblivion.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


From 2nd to 13th of may, the family of Jean-Baptiste met the local authorities in Mumbai and held a press conference.
They also announced a reward of 2 Lakhs for any information leading to the finding of Jean-Baptiste Talleu.
10 000 Posters were printed. See Missing posters, flyers

The posting and distribution of these posters is in progress, but we still need help to spread the posters throughout the all of India.

On the 23rd of may, hearing with the juge in charge of the case: sum up of the trop in India.
An Internation rogatory commission was delivered on the 16th of May.

We are waiting for the agreement of the Indian authorities to send a brigade.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Press conference in Mumbai

Jean-Baptiste Talleu's Family is giving a press conference in Mumbai on Friday 09th of May at 11.30am.
They will announce that a Reward of 2 Lakhs is offered for information leading to the finding of Jean-Baptiste Talleu.
They will also appeal to all the people of India to help them in the finding of Jean-Baptiste.

The press conference will be held in:
Alliance Francaise (French Alliance)
Theosophy Hall
40 New Marine Lines
at 11.30 in the morning of the 09th of May.

To contact Jean-Baptiste's mother (Marie-Claire) or his brother (Vincent), call this number:
  • 9819875945 from Mumbai
  • 09819875945 from anywhere in India
  • 009109819875945 from anywhere in the world

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Jean-Baptiste's family in Mumbai

Jean-Baptiste's mother, his brother with his fiancée arrived in Mumbai the 2nd of may.
A friend was waiting for them at the airport to take them to their hotel, with a stop at the airport police station where the complaint was put in march.
The day after they will meet the concerned autorities (missing person bureau, cybercell crime branch) and the 2 people they mandated in march.
They discover the faces of all these friends they never met before, and how much their help has been precious.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Jean-Baptiste in Mapusa?

April 9:

Wrong lead.
The young man is a 29yrs old Russian who is now in psychiatric hospital.

April 6:

It was reported that Jean-Baptiste might have been seen at Mapusa (Goa) also spelled Mapuca, Mhapsa ou Mapsa on the 10th of february.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Progression of the research

9 April:

March 30:

The last place we know Jean-Baptiste has been:
His family thinks he could have tried to go camping in the area, as Jean-Baptiste has a tent and likes to sleep out rather than paying a hotel.

Also this is not far from the Hindi film studios, Jean-Baptiste could have wanted to visit the area:
March 19:

The Indian Police and the Consulate are doing a lot, 2 people in the consulate a spending all their time on the case, and the Indian police is doing a lot too.

Many people are helping us over there. Our hopes are high.

In France also the justice is in contact with us and it might become very positive.

March 18:

New informations regarding JB's bank withdrawals on the 5th of December.

- 1st withdrawal at 09H39 local time.
(Andheri Kurla Rd)
- 2nd withdrawal at 18H02 local time.
(ATM Name SRPF GoregaonAddress State Reserve Police Force (SRPF), Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400 065Mumbai)

This indicates he was heading North, instead of South as we thought.

March 14:

The immigration services confirmed that JB was in the plane and arrived to Mumbai.
He wrote on the "contacts in India": Mumbai, New Dehli, Calcutta

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Missing: Jean-Baptiste Talleu

Missing French cyclist (Mumbai to South India?):

Jean-Baptiste Talleu

Young French cyclist - 26 years old, 5ft10, 1m80, disappeared in India since 5th of December 2007, when arriving to Mumbai.

If you have information, if you have seen him, please contact: (his mother) +336 22078234 +333 83 406584
or +447981959212 (his brother in London)
or +91 (22)22621549 (Missing Person Bureau, Mumbai)

Here are two photos of Jean-Baptiste Talleu,
a French cycling from France to Asia.

He was regularly giving news to his parents, and they
can record his banking activity through the internet.

Since the 5th of December he didn't give any news.
He took a flight from Dubai to Mumbai (Bombay) the
4th December and effectively arrived as he withdrew
money from the bank this day in Mumbai. But since
then, nothing, no news, no mail, no withdrawal. We
worry a lot.

He intended to cycle towards the south of India, but
something might have happen to him and he could have
never left Bombay, the last place we presume he's
He travels with a Lonely Planet guide, which means he
probably goes through typical areas mentioned in the

He is 26 years old, measures 5ft10, 1,80m, long dark brown
curly hair, always tied, thin. Always wears beige,
brown, dark blue or black clothes, never colourful.

If you happen to live in the area, or go through
there while you travel, please look around and
display a poster with his pictures.
Here are the areas it is most likely to be helpful
displaying his missing poster:

  • Around Mumbai airport
  • Andheri Kurla Road (The last place we assume he was, to withdraw money)
  • Any area in Mumbai where tourists usually go for cheap hotel (Colaba)
  • Any touristic area where it is most likely travellers go by (Goa, Gokarna, Hampi, Kochi, Ooty, Mysore, Allepey, Munnar, Varkala)
  • Gateway of India, where tourists usually take a boat to cross the peninsula
  • If you go in any hotel or Guesthouse, please show his picture and ask
  • The region of Pune, in the ashrams where he could have ended up
The word document printable poster:

Missing person: JB Talleu

Or Pdf file:

Missing person: JB Talleu
Personne disparue: JB Talleu

Putting up posters and passing his picture around
will be very helpful; we are counting a lot on this.
Thank you very much.

Details about Jean-Baptiste's trip

Jean-Baptiste Talleu, 26 yrs old, a fervent roman catholic living with his parents Pierre Talleu and Marie-Claire Talleu.

Family of 7 children from 19 to 34 yrs old. He's 4th or 5th with his twin sister, who lives in London.

Jean-Baptiste was working as a web designer but didn't want to spend his life in front of a computer and wanted to do something else with his life, so he left his job, bought a touring bike and decided to travel around the world with it, after a few little trips to Germany, Corsica, Holland, etc to train his cycling. In the beginning of July he joined the rest of the family for a week holiday in the south of France. At the end of these holiday, (18th of July 2007) he started his trip, going through these countries:

Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Iran.

He couldn't get his visa for Pakistan. 25th of November he took a boat from Bandar Langeh, south of Iran, to Dubai. On the 2nd of December, from Dubai, he talked for a long time to his mother on the MSN messenger. She asked him as a joke if he was coming home for Christmas, and he replied: "certainly not, my trip is getting more and more interesting!"
She asked him where he wanted to go in India, but he replied he will see when he gets there. She gave him addresses of religious community and he accepts, happy. She gave him 2 addresses in Pondichery, but we checked he never got there.
His mother then bought for him a plane ticket from Dubai to Mumbai.

Tuesday 4th December :[Dubai (DXB) 17:00 - Mumbai (BOM) 21;15 Terminal 2]
Air India, flight 716

On the 5th of December, she supposed he got to Mumbai because she saw he withdrew 1000INR and 10000INR. (She can access his bank account on the internet). In Andheri Kurla Road, next to the airport.

But she was surprised he didn't get back to her as he promised, when he got to Mumbai.
Days pass, he doesn't read the e-birthday card she sent him (11th December) and he doesn't give any news for Christmas, no activity in his bank account, we supposed he took 10000 to get out of the city and couldn't find internet then.

-12th of January his mother alerts the foreign ministry.

-9th February her husband puts a file for research in interest of families.

-3rd of March they file a complaint against X to the district attorney of Nancy.

-7th of March, his India visa expires. and our friend in India files a complaint to the police.

-10th of March, his parents write to the Indian embassy in France to ask them to support their complaint in Mumbai.

-14th of March, his parents sent a letter to Nicolas Sarkosy.

-16th of April, a Juge is assigned to the case, it is Mr Eric Virbel

-28th of April, JeanBaptiste's parents are meeting the juge Virbel

-02th of May, 3 family members arrive in Mumbai

There is no doubt today that something happened to him. We have no idea where he is. He could be anywhere in India, but he could still be in Mumbai.

Pictures of Jean-Baptiste

More pictures of Jean-Baptiste Talleu