Saturday, 21 March 2009

Jean-Baptiste's parents back in France

Jean-Baptiste's parents are back in France after 4 months spent in India looking for their son. Unfortunately their search was unfruitful despite the few leads and the help of many people in India.

A message from Jean-Baptiste's mother:

"Sorry for not updating for a while, I had a very bad internet connexion in India, I just read messages people left and want to thank them very much.
Unfortunately, the last lead was probably a fake, we were not able to get any real concrete information from the person, and after we'd gone to many hospices, (which ones the consulate had already checked) we found there were no signs of Jean-Baptiste.

Back in Mumbai, we were able to visit many of these religious hospices and talk to Indian nuns. It appeared obvious that none of them would keep a foreigner without contacting the consulate or the authorities.

Soon we'll be giving news from the press conference in Mumbai."

Marie-Claire Talleu.