Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Details about Jean-Baptiste's trip

Jean-Baptiste Talleu, 26 yrs old, a fervent roman catholic living with his parents Pierre Talleu and Marie-Claire Talleu.

Family of 7 children from 19 to 34 yrs old. He's 4th or 5th with his twin sister, who lives in London.

Jean-Baptiste was working as a web designer but didn't want to spend his life in front of a computer and wanted to do something else with his life, so he left his job, bought a touring bike and decided to travel around the world with it, after a few little trips to Germany, Corsica, Holland, etc to train his cycling. In the beginning of July he joined the rest of the family for a week holiday in the south of France. At the end of these holiday, (18th of July 2007) he started his trip, going through these countries:

Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Iran.

He couldn't get his visa for Pakistan. 25th of November he took a boat from Bandar Langeh, south of Iran, to Dubai. On the 2nd of December, from Dubai, he talked for a long time to his mother on the MSN messenger. She asked him as a joke if he was coming home for Christmas, and he replied: "certainly not, my trip is getting more and more interesting!"
She asked him where he wanted to go in India, but he replied he will see when he gets there. She gave him addresses of religious community and he accepts, happy. She gave him 2 addresses in Pondichery, but we checked he never got there.
His mother then bought for him a plane ticket from Dubai to Mumbai.

Tuesday 4th December :[Dubai (DXB) 17:00 - Mumbai (BOM) 21;15 Terminal 2]
Air India, flight 716

On the 5th of December, she supposed he got to Mumbai because she saw he withdrew 1000INR and 10000INR. (She can access his bank account on the internet). In Andheri Kurla Road, next to the airport.

But she was surprised he didn't get back to her as he promised, when he got to Mumbai.
Days pass, he doesn't read the e-birthday card she sent him (11th December) and he doesn't give any news for Christmas, no activity in his bank account, we supposed he took 10000 to get out of the city and couldn't find internet then.

-12th of January his mother alerts the foreign ministry.

-9th February her husband puts a file for research in interest of families.

-3rd of March they file a complaint against X to the district attorney of Nancy.

-7th of March, his India visa expires. and our friend in India files a complaint to the police.

-10th of March, his parents write to the Indian embassy in France to ask them to support their complaint in Mumbai.

-14th of March, his parents sent a letter to Nicolas Sarkosy.

-16th of April, a Juge is assigned to the case, it is Mr Eric Virbel

-28th of April, JeanBaptiste's parents are meeting the juge Virbel

-02th of May, 3 family members arrive in Mumbai

There is no doubt today that something happened to him. We have no idea where he is. He could be anywhere in India, but he could still be in Mumbai.

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