Sunday, 6 April 2008

Jean-Baptiste in Mapusa?

April 9:

Wrong lead.
The young man is a 29yrs old Russian who is now in psychiatric hospital.

April 6:

It was reported that Jean-Baptiste might have been seen at Mapusa (Goa) also spelled Mapuca, Mhapsa ou Mapsa on the 10th of february.


pepitao said...

Voici 2 articles que je me suis permis de poster sur mon blog. Je suis moi aussi à mes heures perdues un voyageur à vélo et je me sens concerné par ce qui arrive avec la disparition de Jean-Baptiste ... Courage ! Ne lachez rien ...

Aveek said...


I am travelling to Hampi this friday, and chanced to come across this blog. I will take posters and print them out, and put them up in Hampi.
If I do get some information regarding Jean-Baptiste, can you please give me an e-mail address that I can respond to?
Let me know - my email address is