Monday, 27 October 2008

Solidarity: Indians of the Seine-Saint Denis region near Paris take part in the search for Jean-Baptiste

LE PARISIEN – Edition subscribers Seine-Saint-Denis – Marjorie Corcier 06.10.2008, 7am :

At the Aubervilliers market place yesterday afternoon, the France-India celebration was underway and dancers were wiggling their hips to the rhythm of India pop music. Next to this scene, stalls proposed food tasting, jasmine necklaces, films and Indian music.

The France-India association, located in La Courneuve, who  have organised this gathering for the last 5 years decided to take the opportunity of this celebration to alert people of the disappearance of a 26 year old French man in India.

Missing in Mumbai while cycling around the world by bicycle.

Jean-Baptiste Talleu, from Nancy, has not been heard from since the 5th of December 2007 in Mumbai, whilst cycling round the world. Moved by the ongoing fight of his family, Farouk Amirdine, the founder of the France-India association suggested to Marie-Claire, mother of Jean-Baptiste, to hold a stall at Aubervilliers to increase public awareness. “It’s important to feel supported and I think that at our level we can also help” said Farouk.

Marie-Claire Talleu may have not recovered any clues, but she at least found here a bit of comfort. “When Farouk called me, I was very touched. Here, I could meet many Indians who told me they saw the missing person posters we put in India, it made me very happy” smiled the mother, showing a blue poster translated in English and Hindi with the picture of Jean-Baptiste. “A woman who supports India children and who goes there often suggested to me she could spread the information. Furthermore, an Indian woman also explained how she lost her daughter before finding her in a hospital. She assured me that Jean-Baptiste will reappear.” Tells the mother with hope. Through the afternoon, people intending to go to India offered to distribute posters, while a few elected representatives of Seine-Saint-Denis, from both parties, committed to support Marie-Claire in her difficult search.

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