Tuesday, 13 January 2009


The large spiritual place of which we had been informed with conviction on a few occasions by potential witnesses was our greatest hope. Two testimonies informed that Jean Baptiste was there or stayed there.
We have spent one week in this place trying to get to know its spirituality in order to better understand what could have attracted Jean Baptiste: exploration of the sage Ramana, the Arunachala mountain hermit, walking around the holy mountain Arunachala (14 km), together with all the pilgrims, and there were many of them at the time of celebrations around the full moon.
We have been going to the temple during the prayers two times a day, with the hope to meet Jean-Baptiste, The temple attended non only by the Indians, but also by many Europeans, not lost – as we had been told, but in the search of the direction and spirituality.

Many of the Europeans have helped us in distribution of the “missing person” posters and in understanding the place.
The last day, while climbing the mountain until the place where Ramana had lived, several monks have told us: “he came here, but long ago. Probably around march. He wasn’t talkative, we didn’t talk”.
All of this can appear to be convincing: February in Varkala, beginning of March in Pondichery, later in March in Tiruvannamalai situated 100 km from Pondy. But any proof in all of this?
It could be just someone who looks like JB.

Yesterday again, this young girl from « coffee.com » in Pondy, who told us « yes, it’s Jean-Baptiste, I have met him, he used to take an espresso every day, but now I don’t know where he is». I have to say that it’s an account that puzzled me the most….
With her assurance, as if it was evidence….
One more time no luck, registers have been only kept since 1 August 2008, following a series of terrorist acts.
We haven’t really made any progress.
Even if it is Jean-Baptiste, where is he now? What does he live off? Why doesn’t he live like before?

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