Sunday, 30 November 2008

The french TV News report: presented by Marie-Claire through her journal

(See the post from 20th November : "Parents of Jean-Baptiste in Pondichery)

Lise and Julie, two journalists from TF1 (french TV channel), arrived from Delhi the day before our arrival to cover for 2 days our arrival in India.

Friday 14th of November
They start by interviewing Sister Therese.
They then find us a tanslator, after our misfortune at the Alliance Francaise.
They follow us to the Radj Lodge inn, where a witness saw a cyclist resembling Jean-Baptiste. Unfortunately, checking the registers (already done by the consulate) does not lead anywhere: no sign of JB's name.
The innkeeper does not remember any cyclist.
We all go (taxi driver, translator, journalists, and us) have lunch in front of the see to rest and recover from the stress.

Saturday 15th of November
We meet, the morning after, to put up posters. The rickshaw drivers spontaneously ask to put posters on their rickshaws. Their kindness is very heart-warming.

10am: meeting with the consul, who accepted to meet us, even though it was saturday. We evaluate what could be done to help us.

Around 11am, last shot, on the beach, feeling very much down...

We leave the two journalists at the beach coffee shop, they tell us, before leaving about our luck to have such faith, which helps us very much to go through this ordeal. They go back to New Delhi with the first plane. We thank them with all our hearts: their help and the impulse they gave us were very substancial. They were also very nice to us.

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