Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sister Therese

Sœur Thérèse fait partie de la Congrégation des Sœurs de St-Joseph de Cluny.
The Cluny Embroidery Center, give work to about forty indian woman with fair wages. The embroidery, of good quality, is famous.
She also welcomes, occasionally, old priests, tired or sick, children, disabled people... and ourselves, we are very welcome in this haven of peace, close to the sea side, the french Alliance and Consulate.
Back from a walk, Sister Therese told us it's been many years she doesn't have time, sunday evenings, to stroll alongside the sea. Today for example, she went to visit one of her protégé at the hospital, such a devotion! She is lively and petite, always on the go. She made me think, from the second I saw her, to Sister Emmanuelle
A l’occasion d’un retour de promenade, Sœur Thérèse nous dit qu’elle n’a plus le temps, depuis des années, d’aller, le dimanche soir, flâner le long de la mer. Aujourd’hui par exemple, elle est allée visiter une de ses malades hospitalisée… Le dévouement ! Elle est vive et menue, toujours active. Elle me fait penser, depuis la seconde où je l’ai vue, à sœur Emmanuelle. (A famous french sister)
(extracted from Marie-Claire's journal)

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